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Coin code: $TRST

Market cap: 27.3 M$

Current Price: 0.29$

Markets: Bittrex


WeTrust is a decentralized financial services platform created to provide an intuitive and global alternative to the traditional financial services provided by banking institutions. WeTrust provides financial services through reciprocal aid models like ROSCA, allowing individuals to be both lenders and borrowers.

WeTrust was created in order to provide a global and transparent solution for reciprocal aid systems, ensuring that these can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Since ROSCAs only exist in certain limited locations and require a trust bond, many people don’t have access to them. WeTrust plans to change this with their first product, the ROSCA dApp platform. The platform not only ensures that ROSCAs are global, it also provides a more efficient way of creating and joining them.

The WeTrust ROSCA Dapp is a credit and savings platform which allows users to frictionlessly lend and borrow from each other at self-determined interest rates. WeTrust is being built to create a competitive alternative asset class for savers, to promote group savings as a way to reach individual saving goals, and to create an inexpensive path for the two billion unbanked to obtain and track their savings and credit.

According to their website: Vitalik Buterin is one of the advisors for them, it is said to be the first project for Vitalik as an advisor.

When to buy TrustCoin:

Buy at below 0.27$

Expected Price in next six month: 1.5$-2$

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